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 HR Magazine  Magazine
 Six Strategies for HR Leaders  Whitepaper
 Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Your Payroll Service  Whitepaper
 Learn How HR Can Become More Effective with a Social Knowledge Exchange  Whitepaper
 Pay, Performance, and Productivity  Whitepaper
 HR Hero Line  e-newsletter
 Training  Magazine
 4 Tips for Recruiting Oil & Gas Professionals  Whitepaper
 How Automated Workforce Management Systems Helps Reduce Labor Costs  Whitepaper
 Legal Alert for Supervisors  Newsletter
Performance Management Without Biases Whitepaper
A ‘YouTube-like’ Experience For Employees Whitepaper
How to Run a More Cost-Efficient Employee Benefits and Services Program Whitepaper
Before You Hire: Complete Guide To Checking Your Employees Whitepaper
Six Ways to Dial in Your Talent Strategy  Whitepaper
Get the Right People: 9 Questions for Getting the Best Hires  Whitepaper
The Top 3 Ways a Postage Meter Can Save Your Business Money  Whitepaper
The Crowdsourced Performance Review: How Social Recognition Transforms Traditional Performance Management  Whitepaper
Learn How to Empower Employees for Success with Social Onboarding  Whitepaper
Six Pitfalls of Workforce Planning Whitepaper
Background Checks: Understanding Who You Are Hiring Whitepaper

Rough Notes

Offshoring Secrets: Building and Running a Successful India Operation Whitepaper
Best Practices Guide for Outsourcing Your Human Resources Functions Whitepaper

Safety Alert for Supervisors

The Instant Survivor: Right Ways to Respond When Things Go Wrong Whitepaper
SmartBrief on Workforce Whitepaper
Biometrics Boosts ROI of Time and Attendance Systems Whitepaper

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